In 1975 Gregory Yob gave gave the world "Hunt the Wumpus", a text based maze game in which you must hunt a mysterious creature called a Wumpus through a network of caves. It was difficult and, like many games of it's era, required players to draw maps on paper in order to be certain of winning.

Over the years that have followed, many people have created their own versions of Hunt the Wumpus, each making small adaptations here and there. Many adding graphical maps and changing the way the caves are arranged and navigated. This is my version, set in a warped palace, and with your goal being to assassinate the evil ruler of the land, known only as the Empress. It is not entirely faithful to the original, but does keep the arrangement of the rooms the same. The crooked arrows of the classic are gone, and an additional challenge has been added on hard difficulty since you first have to retrieve your equipment from the passages between rooms. As with the original, you will likely find that building a map will help you.

Full instructions on how to play can be found within the game itself.

This game was made in 8 days for the #DraknekUni challenge. It is written in Twine using the "Snowman" engine.